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    Hawaiian Theme and the road ahead

    Hammerheads, we did a GREAT JOB against the Parliament Panthers, putting a win on the board! As we look ahead to the next three A Meets and Relay Carnival, we have our work cut out for us! I know that with some work, dedication, team spirit, and a little…

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    "why's my kid swimming that...!?"

    I wanted to share a little bit of insight as to how the A-Meets are seeded and how we (the coaches) decide who swims what. I can tell you that a lot of work and thought goes into our A-Meet entries!

    • Step 1: Check and see who's available to…
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    Meet #2 - the Red, the White, and the Blue

    We talked at practice on Monday about how our themes will start on Tuesdays and go through the B meets on Monday nights to be the most inclusive for the most swimmers. So this week's theme will be "The Red, The White, and The Blue" with a high level…

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    Morning Pratices and our first B Meet!

    We had a great A Meet against Woodley on Saturday! Unfortunately, our best wasn't enough for a win, but the coaches are all really proud of what we did in the pool! A high light was the 15-18 girls and their incredible performance in the meet.…

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    Meety #1 - entries are in!

    Please check the homepage to see what your kiddos are swimming this Saturday! Since it is a home meet, if you're in town and are not swimming, you're still welcome to come and participate in the meet by dressing up and cheering for our team!

    We had…

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    Superhero Week - Meet #1

    Congratulations Hammerheads on an amazing Time Trials this pas weekend! We are looking good for our first meet this weekend against Woodley at our own pool! As we head into this week, it's important to remember that while racing in swimming is an individual accomplishment, we are all part of…

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    Week 1 - putting the fun in FUNdamentals

    Weather for Week 1:

    We're off to a cold start to the 2017 summer season! 

    With water temps remaining even cooler than the air temps, Coaches Megan, Sarah, Amy, Alex, and I will be on the lookout to make sure that all of the swimmers are kept safe in the…

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