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Weather Notes


In the event of a thunderstorm during the meet, follow the guidance of the pool management of the host pool and these NVSL guidelines:

1. All spectators, swimmers, coaches, and officials shall go immediately to their cars or designated areas. A pool is one of the most dangerous places to be during a thunderstorm. The decision to clear the pool and halt the meet shall be made without hesitation. We will take no chances with the lives of our children.

2. Term Representatives should report to the pool office with the Pool Manager, Meet Manager, and Referee. 

3. The group in (2) will make a final decision concerning the continuation of the meet. If the meet cannot be safely completed as scheduled, a suitable alternative time shall be identified and the Division Coordinator shall be notified of the change. Generally there is at least a 30-minute wait between the last thunder and/or lightning, and the continuation of the meet.

For Divisional Relay Carnival:
Because of the time required to plan and organize the All Star Relay meet, all NVSL divisions are strongly encouraged to complete the division relay carnivals on Wednesday night. In the event of active disruptive weather prior to the start or during the division relay meet, the Division Coordinators will work with the Team Representatives, the VP of Swimming and the President to determine the best course of action.
If the carnival has to be rescheduled, it shall be rescheduled as early as possible the following day. Division Coordinators, in consultation with the Team Representatives, should determine an equitable time and place for the completion of the Division Relay Carnival. Division Coordinators will communicate with the NVSL President and/or VP of Swimming about rescheduling plans.
The NVSL wants to be a good neighbor. All Individual pool and neighborhood regulations should be observed and follow the county and city ordinances

4. No one should leave until official word on the meet’s cancellation is received. Team Representatives or the Meet Manager will inform you of any and all official decisions. Information from other sources may be false.

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