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    Swim Team Parent Volunteers

    This information serves a guideline, detailing the volunteer positions which we need to fill, in order to run a Saturday or Monday swim meet.Once our summer season opens for registration, you will be allowed to make your elections for the season long and 1st meet positions you prefer, during the registration process. We will open additional meets for job signups, as the season moves along. You will have the opportunity to make changes to your initial elections during the season but this gives us an idea where we stand in terms of coverage, prior to our first meet. Unlike other team sports, it takes a village…a large number of people (30-40) to run a swim meet.It is expected (and very much appreciated) that at least ONE family member works at every HOME meet during the season. Due to the number of families on our team, this is the only way that we can hope to successfully run each and every home meet. When ALL FAMILIES pitch in and help, no one individual or family will be over-burdened.Keep in mind that your children really do appreciate knowing their parents are taking an active role in helping with the swim team.We have an EXCELLENT record of volunteerism here at Herndon and we are hopeful that 2018 will be another fun and productive summer for all of our swimmers and their families!

    Thank you in advance for your willingness to help out.We’ll be in touch!!

    Questions? Please use the “Contact Us” tab and submit your question(s) and your Team Reps will get back to you in a timely fashion.

    Concessions: (Home Meets only) Sat morning breakfast or Mon evening dinner.Responsibilities include: purchase, set up, prepare, sell food & snacks during the meet, clean up.You’ll be close to the coffee Sat morning.A few lucky volunteers will have the option of attending a free clinic where you will earn a Food Handler’s License.Similar to being a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen and you can even volunteer to run the grill if you want to keep it as realistic as possible. Plastic gloves provided free, hair net optional.

    Donut Miss Tuesday Coordinator: (Tuesdays only...duh!) Responsible for contacting Safeway in advance, to arrange for the Tuesday morning pickup of several dozen steering wheel sized donuts to feed our hungry swimmers, while also helping them to "carb load"!

    Restaurant Coordinator: (Away Sat Meets & Divisional Relay Carnival) Select and arrange for group meals at restaurants following above mentioned meets.Gets to pay entire tab for the team.Just kidding.

    Pep Rally Helpers: Help to set up tables, put out paper goods and clean up food areas during Friday night team dinners.Enthusiasm and peppiness a plus, but not required.Coaches will organize the Pep Rally activities.

    Clerk of Course: Enjoy herding mass quantities of children into neat and orderly rows?This is the job for you. Help to organize swimmers into their assigned lanes by seating them on benches numbered for your convenience.Before each event you will walk the swimmers to their assigned lane.Shade provided at no additional charge.

    Announcer: (Home Meets only) Be the voice of the Hammerheads.Looking for the sound a Hammerhead shark would make—no clue! The microphone is yours.You announce the event, swimmers for each heat and then the results, along with any other pertinent information such as birthdays, new team records or, “Your car is being towed.”

    Assistant Data Coordinator: Assists with data entry on Saturday mornings or Monday evenings.Chair and shade provided free.This title is impressive enough that you can include it on your resume.

    Tables/Ribbons: Assists with scoring meets, putting labels on ribbons, sorting, alphabetizing.Might sound mundane, but you’re sitting in the shade.Key words here are sitting and shade.

    Marshal: Monitor and patrol designated pool area during warm-ups and throughout meet.Bonus…great view of the meet and gets to wear extremely stylish neon colored vest.Basically keeps law and order in these here parts.Additional Marshal hat and badge can be arranged.

    Parking Attendant: (Home meets only) Great job for a former police officer, jigsaw puzzle artist or someone who has an innate skill for getting a lot of cars into a relatively small lot.

    Chief Timer: Being ambidextrous is a plus.Must be able to work two stopwatches simultaneously.Oversees all other timers, makes sure times are written neatly on cards and middle time is circled.Some math skills necessary especially when one timer screws up and the other two need to average their times.Must have experience being a timer, must also know how to use that tiny little screwdriver to change the batteries in the stopwatches.Ability to yell, “Timers clear your watches!!” without shattering nearby eardrums is very much appreciated.Headdress available upon request.

    Timer: Must have working thumb and/or pointer finger.Use a stopwatch to keep track of swimmers’ times during the meet.Free water available for the duration.Sunscreen is a must.Hats optional but strongly recommended.Prizes awarded by Chief Timer for lanes achieving doubles, triples, or straights.Don’t get too excited…this is not poker.

    Relay Take Off Judge: Watches swimmers’ starts and finishes during relays to ensure that the swimmer in the water has touched the wall before the next swimmer dives in.Must possess a combination of eye, hand & feet coordination although it’s just your eyes and other people’s hands and feet.

    Meet Set Up/Break Down: (Home Meets only including Time Trials) Arrives early when all else is quiet in the world to help prepare the pool for the meet.Puts in lane lines, backstroke flags, sets up Clerk of Course area, timing boards, bleachers, tables, yada, yada, yada…. Helps to put all items away after the meet.Sounds like a day in the life of a typical Mom, but this is a job for anyone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty.

    Senior Sack Coordinator: Purchases laundry bags/hampers for graduating seniors.(You’ll be reimbursed.)Advertises when they are available for families to contribute donations of useful items, gift cards, whatever a graduating high school senior could use…The seniors have always been overwhelmed by the generosity of our members and you’ll get some of the credit.You can even present the Sacks to the Seniors at our last HOME meet.

    50/50 Raffle Coordinator: (Home Meets only) Organizes the sale of raffle tickets to spectators before and during the meet.Walks through the crowds pleading, um, encouraging people to purchase tickets.Maybe finds an adorable child to aid in this pursuit.Near the end of the meet has a volunteer pull a ticket from the collection bin and announces the winning number (the announcer can do this) Must count the money and award half to the winning ticket holder and the other half goes to the swim team budget, not in your pocket.Nice try.We’ll be watching you.

    Swim Team Banquet Coordinator/Helpers: Advertises, collects payment and arranges for food for the End of the Season Team Banquet to be held at the end of July, the day of the Divisionals meet.Helpers needed to set up tables, keep food trays full, clean up afterward.You can tell everyone that you cooked the entire meal yourself. We’ll believe you.Really.

    Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for compiling all the parent volunteer elections and ensuring there’s adequate coverage at both home & away meets, including Herndon Olympics. You will communicate established assignments with all volunteers prior to a given meet and use Signup Genius or whatever communication method you prefer, when coverage shortages are determined. You can tell everyone that you are in charge of least that’s what you can say.


    The following positions require certification at training clinics every 2 years from NVSL.

    Clinics are free. Your willingness to undertake these very important roles is priceless.

    If you are interested in any of these positions, you will be given the clinic schedule

    so that you can attend at your convenience.

    All Clinics are also offered at NVSL University scheduled for June 3rd at the Fairfax County Government Center

    Stroke & Turn Judge: Four S&T’s are required at each meet.Two from each team.You will watch swimmers to ensure they are executing legal stroke technique, turns and finishes.If a swimmer is not swimming a legal stroke, you will raise your hand to get the referee’s attention and then write down what you saw on a notepad.This is a disqualification or DQ and will be confirmed or overridden by the referee.You do not have to yell, “YOU’RE OUT!!” while executing a sweeping backward motion with one arm and thumb outstretched. You’ll feel bad about it at first, but you’ll get used to it.Come on, it’s the only way the kids are going to learn.

    Starter: (Home Meets only)Do you like it when people hang on your every word?Want to get teenagers to listen to you?This job’s for you. Using your best monotone voice, the Starter announces each event, tells swimmers to take their mark and then presses the buzzer to indicate the start.Must be able to stand very still, hold microphone up to your mouth and press the start buzzer simultaneously…like being on Jeopardy! Must watch swimmers for any false starts.

    Referee: (Home Meets only) The Grand Poobah, The Great Gazoo, The Head Honcho, The Top Banana… Ensures that the ENTIRE meet runs smoothly and that all rules are followed.Must remain cool under pressure…never let ‘em see you sweat.Accepts or overrides DQ’s.Gets his/her very own whistle.Remember the police officer in Frosty the Snowman, the one with the whistle?That’s you.Future position as a crossing guard…inevitable.

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